self catering holidays Northumberland

At Bluebell Farm, we offer a range of self-catering holiday options that you can take advantage of. We have our own caravan park, which is home to up to 60 caravans at anyone time. These are relaxed and modern, allowing you to enjoy our North Northumberland location to the max. As well as a range of different cottages for you to take advantages of, we have much else besides. We have a bunkbarn that is self-contained and offers lots of space to visitors. It even has its own annexe. On top of that, we have 5 self-catering cottages that you can stay in during your visit.
Self-catering holidays are becoming more popular with each passing year because they offer people the chance to relax more easily and stay in control of their holiday. You won’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing. Instead, you can focus on yourself and your family as you enjoy your stay with us. That’s what a holiday should always be about, and that’s what we make happen when you choose Bluebell Farm accommodation. Our location is ripe for exploration, and you’ll be able to see it and experience it in a way that suits you.
There are many things to do, including walking and cycling trails, canoeing and diving activities, and towns and cities nearby that you can explore. You will never be short of something to fill your days with when you visit this part of the country. 
If you’re still unsure of whether a self-catering holiday with us is the best option for you, think about the benefits. As well as the great location, tranquil surroundings and fun-packed options we have to offer here in North Northumberland, you will be able to focus on your family. You can choose what you eat and when because you’ll be making the most of self-catering. You will also be able to take advantage of the space you get when you stay in our cottages or the bunkbarn.
Our accommodation options also offer patios and outdoor space that you can make the most of. This can make your evenings relaxing and perfect for you and your family. That’s a big deal because during the summer when you’re on holiday, you want to take advantage of those long nights and spend time with the people you’re with. That’s exactly what you can do if you choose Bluebell Farm. And in other instances, you can stick to the routine you’re comfortable with thanks to the flexibility afforded by our self-catering stays.
You will have your own kitchen and bathroom facilities, and local amenities can be found in the village. This is where you can buy anything that you might need during your stay. Your life will be simple and relaxing for the duration of your stay, and that has to be a good thing for you. Get in contact with us today if you are interested in booking a stay at Bluebell Farm. It’s easy to do, and our contact details can be found on our website.

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